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Case Study


Bhoi Mohalla is a small hamlet-sized area in Delwara where more than 20 families live. There were no toilets in this area, creating a serious health problem for the people living there, especially the children and the elderly. In a peri-urban settlement, this situation can be particularly dangerous as people live in very close proximity in areas that have developed quickly with little proper planning for waste systems.

To improve this situation, Seva Mandir and the Citizens’ Forum constructed toilets in the small hamlet for each family, all connected to a common septic tank, which stopped the area becoming contaminated with human waste.

After some time, however, the pipes became clogged, and the toilets stopped working. Straight away, the community came together to find a solution. It was decided that they would use their community fund to clean the pipes and clear the septic tank. The whole community of Bhoi Mohalla participated in the project, and after three days, the problem was fixed. Each family now contributes to the community fund to ensure there is money available for repair and maintenance.

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