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Sensitising Men and Young People

In order to create an enabling environment for women, it is essential to educate and convince men and young people that traditional attitudes and practices in relation to gender must change. Seva Mandir therefore conducts regular training and discussions with men and young people from the community to influence gender attitudes and practices. This is a major focus of our Youth section (see Tomorrow's Citizens). Our educational institutions ensure that their curriculums are gender-equal, and teachers are trained to spot and deal with gender discrimination.  There are clear indications that these measures are creating an enabling and supportive environment for women.

Seva Mandir also conducts regular training in gender issues for its own staff at headquarters and village level. In all Seva Mandir programmes,

gender-disaggregated data is reported, and all programme indicators are gender-sensitive. We also adhere to a strong gender policy. (See Compliance)

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