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Nanhe Kadam Badhte Kadam


Seva Mandir’s Nanhe Kadam Badhte Kadam (Children’s Friends Group) to support nuanced ideas and be the cushion for our community children. The platform invites individuals passionate to support holistic development of children, and believes in flexible and continuous support to a cause.


What is our core intention behind forming Nanhe Kadam Badhte Kadam?

The one direct intention is to raise flexible funds. Same time, Seva Mandir wishes to maintain connect with people who carry the philanthropic intent and want to know and be in contact with the changes happening at the grassroots.

How can you support?

You can join the Group by contributing on your own, on behalf of your family, or in a gift or memory of beloved family member. We’ll acknowledge the gift on your behalf.  You can donate on occasions, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, special days like children day, teachers day, festivals, or any day when you feel of doing good.

The donation can be sent through a cheque or bank transfer or transfer online at www.sevamandir.org.

Please select Indian or Foreign accounts as per your citizenship. Kindly indicate Nanhe Kadam Badhte Kadam (Children’s Friends Group) as the purpose of donation.


Your donation to Nanhe Kadam Badhte Kadam will directly support wellbeing, education and life skills of children and adolescents

How will we remain connected?

You will receive a receipt of your donation within 15 days. 

In the first fortnight of every quarter, all members of the Group will receive an update on the interventions undertaken with children. The update will also give you a glimpse of the grassroots.


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