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Case Study

Floriculture beneficiary - Hakari

Hakari, who is 40, lives with her husband and three children in a small, remote hamlet in one of the poorest areas of India. Only two members of her family have been able to support the family with their income: Hakari’s husband is an agricultural labourer and one of her sons works as a daily construction labourer for a meagre wage in Udaipur city. Hakari would spend her days completing household chores, grazing the family’s cattle, growing small quantities of maize seasonally and travelling long distances to collect drinking water.

Hakari is a member of her local Self-Help Group (SHG) (see Women’s Empowerment), and through this she was able to take part in a CSR-funded project to enhance the income of rural women through poultry and floriculture.

Hakari started growing flowers. Following the training and capacity building events conducted as part of this project, she was able to take her flowers to sell at the market. She was able to earn INR 9,000 (USD 130) in just one season, making a huge difference to her family’s income.

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