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Sundari Bai, a 40-year old, from Paba village of Udaipur district, happily tells, "I have grown and sold vegetables in my village in the times people were most afraid. Many of them even came straight to my field for purchase."
Covid-19 lockdown brought uncertainty for many rural households around their health, livelihood and future. Like Sundari, many people already in villages struggled to remain safe from infection, access food and search for income.
Sundari harvested her vegetable farming yield during lockdown and this was a blessing in disguise. Sundari earned Rs. 25,000 from the sales which not only helped her family but also allowed for savings.

With the livelihood support and better access to water, there are many women like Sundari who not only survived well during the difficult time of Covid-19 lockdown but also managed to thrive strongly.

Till now, the project has consistently improved lives of more than 11,000 people through sustainable means of improving access to water for drinking and irrigation and enhancing their livelihoods.The intervention is all way the more critical during current situation when many people in villages need support to re build their lives.

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