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A little goes a long way

The work Seva Mandir does changes lives every day. However much or however little you are able to contribute, your donation will make a difference to the lives of some of the poorest people on earth.


Sustainable Development:

To provide democracy and community development training

to one village for one year costs INR 12,000 (GBP 140, USD 175).

Tomorrow’s Citizens:

To provide sports training and linkage to Seva Mandir’s

Youth Resource Centres for ten children for one year costs INR 54,000

(GBP 630, USD 790).

Empowering Women:

To provide safe accommodation, counselling, mediation and other help

to a woman fleeing an abusive home costs INR 4,000 (GPB 45, USD 60) a month.


To send one out-of-school child to three 60-day Residential Learning Camps

costs INR 50,000 (USD 700, GBP 550).

Early Childcare and Development:

To send a child to a preschool day-care centre (Balwadi) for a year

costs INR 6,250 (GBP 70, USD 90).

Combating Malnutrition:

To provide life-saving treatment for ten malnourished children through

Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition camps costs INR 6,900

(GBP 80, USD 100).



To build a water tank to give a village clean drinking water costs INR 75,000

(USD 1,000, GBP 800).

Natural Resources:

To repair one dilapidated well which will increase access to water for households

and agriculture costs INR 100,000 (GBP 1,200, USD 1,450).

Rural Livelihoods:

To provide two vegetable nurseries to 30 families costs INR 700 (GBP 8, USD 10).

Peri-Urban Governance:

To provide 100 families living in a Peri-Urban settlement with waste management

solutions for a month costs INR 5,000 (GBP 60, USD 75).

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