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25 Feb 2020

Teaching English through Digital Learning

In the remote, rural and tribal areas that Seva Mandir works in, children enrolled in selected Shiksha Kendras are being taught English through the use of digital tablets.

English is relatively unspoken in rural communities, and Hindi tends to be a second language. Tribal communities have their own distinct dialects - often variations on the local Mewari or Wagri languages. Therefore, the task is challenging for teachers who are required to teach basic English to their young students.

Digital tablets can provide an answer for that challenge. Teachers are assisted by the tablets, which they create their English class curriculum around. It is is given to them by Seva Mandir pre-loaded with videos, games and apps to help children learn English. The teachers are also able to grow their understanding of the language.

Lalaram, a teacher in one of the selected Shiksha Kendras, says that thanks to the digital learning initiative, children are taking a bigger interest in the language and their confidence is rapidly building. Their parents are also happy, he shares, as they are seeing their children grow and have opportunities that they did not have.

The use of digital tablets in the Shiksha Kendras is relatively new, and though their use still has some small areas to improve on, analysis has shown that children are more engaged during their English class. Additionally, the children are also able to learn how to use digital technology, and element that will ensure that they don't get left behind in an ever more digital world.


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