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01 Jul 2021

HUM SAJAG : Preparing villages for Covid-19 third wave

While the second wave of COVID-19 that hit our country left a trail of fatalities, in addition to economic and social crises, health experts warn of a third wave.

Our experience during the second wave shows that a set of measures would help face the third wave. Strengthening of local administration, civil society organizations lending them support and their synergic work with community collectives is a potential way of overcoming the situation, when it arises.

HUM SAJAG initiative aims to build a pool of trained and equipped human resource base of 6000 frontline workers and village volunteers in 1500 villages spread across 14 blocks of Udaipur and Rajsamand district in 100 days. Establishing collective COVID management norms in villages through active village groups, youth, community and women leaders will be a core focus of this initiative.

1. Provision of Safety gears and diagnostic equipment- We plan to provide basic safety kits, diagnostic kits and a COVID safety protocol and education material reference book to 6000 frontline staff and village volunteers.

2. Technical training of government frontline workers and village volunteers- Train and build capacities of over 6000 FLWs and village volunteers through a comprehensive training module designed in consultation with health experts, Government IEC materials and other health-based organization. The training will majorly focus on critical aspects of addressing COVID-19, its spread, home isolation, monitoring, referrals, vaccination and post COVID care.

3. Community awareness and preparedness- Activating village groups or " Nigraani Committes" ( 10-12 members from youth, village institution leaders, women committed to minimize the impact of Covid-19 in villages) to understand and establish commonly agreed community norms to increase vaccination, reduce fear and myths and isolate in case of a potential third wave. number

4. Support COVID Care Centres- We aim to support block level CHCs to help improve the health infrastructure for better management of COVID-19 at block level. Earlier we have connected such donors to government for supplementing the need of Oxygen concentrators in health institutes.


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