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07 Aug 2021

Breastfeeding Week Celebration


Despite numerous benefits of breastfeeding and several recommendations, a large number of infants are still deprived of exclusive breastfeeding in southern Rajasthan. As we continue to grapple with the anxiety of COVID-19 , reaching out to mothers and frontline teams to encourage breastfeeding is very crucial. This year we highlighted the need to ensure breastfeeding of every child through all community members including pregnant & lactating women, father, grandparents, community influencers, service providers & frontline workers.

This year during this campaign (1st August- 7th August, 2021) we reached out to more than 30000 people through different community activities like audio campaigns, recipe competitions, videos, posters, quizzes about children and malnutrition and door to door discussion on critical importance of breastfeeding in the life of an infant. With the support form Hindustan Zinc and ICDS department, we were able to engage communities around 1355 Anganwadi centers on the recent challenges on malnutrition and children. A webinar titled "Myths regarding Breastfeeding" was also organized for frontline health workers and our village Para workers by Ms. Prachi Avinash on the conclusion of the campaign




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